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Longhorn Gaming is a University of Texas at Austin social organization that is the central hub for casual gaming and competitve esports on campus, bringing together communities from different skill levels. I edited their montages, community videos, and manage the Youtube channel.

HookBang is a part of the Texas Student Television, a student-run, FCC-licensed, and digitally broadcasting college television station. It features Austin local restaurants, food reviews, food challenges, and much more. I edited their episode segments. 

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Amplify Asian is a media company that amplifies Asian stories, talent, and culture. I edited their social media reels and did videography for their content.

Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering (TAME) is a non-profit organization that helps students across Texas to create equitable experiences in exploring the engineering field. I created Youtube promotional content and created a Thank You video.

Pain Care Collective is an online yoga therapy studio with over hundreds of members in their online courses and on Zoom. I edit their yoga videos and manage their on-demand library for their members. 

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Team Havoc Studios is a content organization, creating content from music, gaming, sports, and pop culture to educate and entertain the audience. I edited their social media reels and long-form videos.

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